Forever Saint Paul Challenge » Entries

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Root Cellar (Preview)sarah wolbert3 commentsApr 04, 2013
Dowtown Circulator Bus (Preview)Vanessa Lopez2 commentsApr 04, 2013
Forever Investment in St Paul (Preview)Mike Rohlfsen1 commentApr 04, 2013
Saint Paul...You Gotta Love It (Preview)Joe Banks2 commentsApr 04, 2013
Ready? Set. Action! (Preview)Maureen Schriner1 commentApr 04, 2013
City-wide, Neighborhood-based Dental Care (Preview)Erianna Reyelts1 commentApr 04, 2013
Amazing Grace (Preview)Michael Rich’ey1 commentApr 03, 2013
My Team is Technology Rules (Preview)abebe Lemlem1 commentApr 03, 2013
Co-operative centre (Preview)Felice K2 commentsApr 03, 2013
Six Simple Things: Building a movement to strengthen our community by strengthening our students and schools (Preview)Megan Ryan 1 commentApr 03, 2013
Peace/Piece Art (Preview)Maya Park2 commentsApr 03, 2013
Saint Paul Center for Civic Simulation (Preview)Jack Ray1 commentApr 03, 2013
Community Mentor Match (Preview)Sharla Scullen1 commentApr 03, 2013
Ramsey River Rooms or 3R's (Preview)Nan Swift1 commentApr 03, 2013
The St. Paul Center for the Arts (Preview)Chris Beckstrom 1 commentApr 03, 2013
Saint Paul Historic River City (Preview)Lee and Rose Hallgren 1 commentApr 03, 2013
Grow, Eat, Live- Vertical Gardens of Saint Paul (Preview)Allison Kappeyne1 video1 commentApr 03, 2013
Home to the Healthcare Revolution (Preview)John Blaska1 commentApr 03, 2013
Wellness Drum Circles in MN Schools (Preview)Aaron Tafoya1 image1 commentApr 03, 2013
Saint Paul to Scale: A Model for the Future (Preview)Susan Strothman1 commentApr 03, 2013
The Ascended Master's Design for Construction and Development, Transformational Change for Housing and Forests (Preview)James Kringlee2 commentsApr 03, 2013
We're All Good Neighbors (Preview)JF Zimmer2 commentsApr 03, 2013
Indoor St. Paul Off Road Cycling Center (Preview)Jay Matre1 commentApr 03, 2013
Mrs. Zippy's Watering Hole (Preview)Casey Scott1 commentApr 03, 2013
City of Languages (Preview)Bo Thao-Urabe2 commentsApr 03, 2013