Forever Saint Paul Challenge » Entries

TitleContributorsort iconLocationMedia/CommentsCreated
Culture and Community Matters (Preview)Sarah Napoli Rangel1 commentMar 14, 2013
Root Cellar (Preview)sarah wolbert3 commentsApr 04, 2013
Reinvest in Saint Paul...No really. (Preview)scott christensen1 commentFeb 18, 2013
The Magic in the Middle: Collective Wisdom from Thinking Together (Preview)Scott Schuck1 video2 images4 comments1 resourceMar 02, 2013
The Learning Garden: Conditions and Climate for Student Growth (Preview)Scott Schuck1 video1 image4 comments1 resourceMar 16, 2013
St. Paul International Theater Festival (Preview)Scott Pakudaitis1 commentMar 09, 2013
Zero waste to landfill (Preview)Scott Fazio4 commentsMar 10, 2013
Searching for Passion on the Streets (Preview)Scott Schuck1 video1 image1 commentMar 31, 2013
Wisdom of the Elders: A Bridge Over Troubled Waters (Preview)Scott Schuck1 video1 image1 commentMar 25, 2013
"The Next Big Thing Isn't a Thing At All"*: It's a Good Process! (Preview)Scott Schuck1 video1 comment1 resourceApr 02, 2013
Fre Watr (Preview)Sean Gadson2 commentsFeb 20, 2013
Making a difference today, for a Better Tomarrow (Preview)Shannon Rosset2 commentsMar 28, 2013
Community Mentor Match (Preview)Sharla Scullen1 commentApr 03, 2013
The Urban Food Center (Preview)Sharon Hannigan2 commentsApr 02, 2013
Saint Paul Artist in Residence Program (Preview)Sharone LeMieux1 commentMar 01, 2013
Rivers Edge – The Boardwalk (Preview)Shawn Pesses1 commentMar 11, 2013
MY Saint Paul: Expect the Unexpected (Preview)Shawntera Hardy1 commentApr 02, 2013
St.Paul Movies in the Park (Preview)Shea Holmes2 commentsFeb 18, 2013
St.Paul Water Fountain (Preview)Shea Holmes1 commentFeb 18, 2013
Project-Paint Saint Paul (Preview)Shea Holmes1 commentFeb 18, 2013
Industry Verses Agriculture (Preview)Shea Holmes1 commentFeb 18, 2013
Youth Development Center- Develop Explore Educate Lead (Preview)Shealan Eldredge1 commentMar 31, 2013
Eat Fresh, Eat Local (Preview)Sheila Winderlich1 commentFeb 14, 2013
Alleviating Local Poverty through Social Business (Preview)Sheila Novak1 commentApr 02, 2013
The Project to End Prohibition in St. Paul, Inc. (PEPSPI) (Preview)Sheldon Gitis4 videos1 image2 commentsFeb 15, 2013