Forever Saint Paul Challenge » Entries

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Using Social Media to Provide Service to Saint Paul (Preview)Becky Hicks1 commentFeb 16, 2013
Creative Capitol Project (Preview)John Kozak2 videos6 commentsFeb 16, 2013
1 Million Trees & Vines (Preview)Jason Willett5 commentsFeb 16, 2013
The Project to End Prohibition in St. Paul, Inc. (PEPSPI) (Preview)Sheldon Gitis4 videos1 image2 commentsFeb 15, 2013
Great hall of fame with (4) seasonal championships and full hotels and restaurants (Preview)mike kaiser1 commentFeb 15, 2013
Weather Rocks (Preview)b huberty1 commentFeb 15, 2013
Saint Paul Services and Support Hubs (Preview)Becky Hicks1 commentFeb 15, 2013
The Skyway Cart System (Preview)Steve Brady 2 commentsFeb 15, 2013
Manufacturing Wireless "Help" Buttons (Preview)Alice Lorenz1 commentFeb 15, 2013
107 ideas instead of just 1! (Preview)Daniel McManus2 commentsFeb 15, 2013
CITY YEAR partners with St. Paul School District (Preview)Lyle Nelson1 commentFeb 15, 2013
City Within The City (Preview)Howard Guthmann1 commentFeb 15, 2013
Geothermal heat pump to heat and cool downtown Saint Paul (Preview)Robert Arens1 commentFeb 15, 2013
All Nighters In St. Paul (Preview)Karen Kitchel2 commentsFeb 15, 2013
LET’S FLY SAINT PAUL (Preview)Timothy McLean1 commentFeb 15, 2013
Leverage the “U” for St. Paul (Preview)Ross Currier2 commentsFeb 15, 2013
Let's Play in St. Paul! (Preview)R.A. Young1 commentFeb 15, 2013
Saint Paul Smile (Preview)Deynn Hampton1 commentFeb 15, 2013
Invest in Underpaid, Influential People in Whom We Trust (Preview)Frank Zink2 commentsFeb 15, 2013
ST. PAUL ABLAZE with LIFE (Preview)Susan Heuer1 video13 commentsFeb 14, 2013
Let's get rid of lawns (Preview)Dale Tennison4 commentsFeb 14, 2013
Community Rejuvenation Project (Preview)Jose Antonio Robles1 commentFeb 14, 2013
The Abdii Boruu Project (Preview)Jon Reynolds1 commentFeb 14, 2013
Public Sector Salaries (Preview)Bill Kling1 commentFeb 14, 2013
Minnesota Public Library Gives Tickets to St. Paul Venues (Preview)Andrea Klosowski1 commentFeb 14, 2013