Forever Saint Paul Challenge » Entries

TitleContributorsort iconLocationMedia/CommentsCreated
Artists in the St. Paul Skyways & Skyway Art and Music Festival (Preview)Bianca Pettis1 image5 commentsFeb 13, 2013
Public Sector Salaries (Preview)Bill Kling1 commentFeb 14, 2013
The Museum Mall of Saint Paul (Preview)Bill Hosko1 comment1 resourceFeb 16, 2013
The Exploring Minnesota Showcase (Preview)Bill Hosko2 comments1 resourceFeb 17, 2013
Revitalizing Saint Paul with The Macy's Building (Preview)Bill Wenger2 commentsFeb 19, 2013
Innovation in Educational Excellence (Preview)Bill Peter2 commentsFeb 26, 2013
What's Next for Macy's (Preview)Bill Krannich1 commentMar 12, 2013
Skyways: Our Marketable Civic Icon (Preview)Bill Hanley1 commentMar 25, 2013
The Lilydale River Project (Preview)Bill Daly1 comment1 resourceMar 25, 2013
Train-Watcher's Heaven (Preview)Bill Jolitz1 commentApr 03, 2013
Drivers Education Mini City (Preview)Blanca Realtor1 commentApr 03, 2013
Blue Ox Art Putt (Preview)Blue Ox Art Putt Gabriel Shapiro, Communications Director1 commentFeb 23, 2013
Building Our Village One Meal at a Time (Preview)Bo Thao-Urabe1 commentMar 28, 2013
City of Languages (Preview)Bo Thao-Urabe2 commentsApr 03, 2013
Our Vision Recycling for Saint Paul and for Future Generations (Preview)Bob Carlson1 commentMar 26, 2013
The Alley Project (Preview)Bob Lunning1 commentMar 26, 2013
Traveling sculptures (Preview)Bob Wosick1 commentApr 03, 2013
A Million Reasons to Hire US in St. Paul, MN (Preview)Bonnie Fahje2 commentsFeb 16, 2013
Les Estivales (Preview)Braden Thompson2 commentsFeb 13, 2013
Festival of Lights (Preview)Braden Thompson3 commentsFeb 13, 2013
St Paul Challenge (Preview)Bradley Hansen2 images1 commentFeb 26, 2013
Pop-Up Fun Events (Preview)Brain Zaidman 1 commentMar 11, 2013
Successful St. Paul Enrichment Program For Middle School and High School Students (Preview)Brendan Byrne2 commentsFeb 13, 2013
Restoration of Baseball Fields in St. Paul (Preview)Brendan Byrne1 commentFeb 13, 2013
Make 1 Million 1 Billion (Preview)Brendan Kramp3 commentsMar 30, 2013