Forever Saint Paul Challenge » Entries

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Casino (Preview)Sandy Furlong1 commentApr 02, 2013
A Portable Education for the Highly Mobile or Homeless Student. (Preview)Carlo Subrina Montgomery1 commentApr 02, 2013
Senior Frogs (Preview)Sandy Furlong1 commentApr 02, 2013
Creative Art and Science Marketplace (CASM) (Preview)Robb Mitchell1 commentApr 02, 2013
Create a St. Paul X Prize for Specific Targeted National PR Projects (Preview)Robert Delutri1 commentApr 02, 2013
Abundant St. Paul: Care for Earth, Care for People, Share the Surplus (Preview)Paula Westmoreland1 commentApr 02, 2013
"Disaster City" (Preview)Carlo Subrina Montgomery1 commentApr 02, 2013
TALK: Together we Act, for Language is the Key (Preview)Christine Wing1 commentApr 02, 2013
Creating Equity in School Activities (Preview)Mary Brauer1 commentApr 02, 2013
Jailhouse Rock! (Preview)Carlo Subrina Montgomery2 commentsApr 02, 2013
St. Paul Muscial Theatre Festival (Preview)Meg Lambert1 commentApr 02, 2013
Start Kicking roadside litter (Preview)Michelle Crain1 commentApr 02, 2013
MY Saint Paul: Expect the Unexpected (Preview)Shawntera Hardy1 commentApr 02, 2013
Social Awareness Match (Preview)edrick wade1 commentApr 02, 2013
Convert Macy's to a Sculpture Park (Preview)Nancy Wagner1 commentApr 01, 2013
Flower Power! St Paul in Bloom (Preview)Nancy Wagner1 commentApr 01, 2013
Community Engagement and Leadership Development Institute (Preview)Damon Shoholm1 commentApr 01, 2013
Urban Treehouse Resort (Preview)Guy Eggers1 image1 commentApr 01, 2013
Winter Playground at Como Park (Preview)Abbey Otteson1 commentApr 01, 2013
Reaching For The Wall (City-Wide Public Youth Swim League) (Preview)Laurence Reszetar1 commentApr 01, 2013
Free LRT on the St. Paul Linear Mall (Preview)Sheldon Gitis1 video1 image1 commentApr 01, 2013
St Paul Sister Blocks Program (Preview)Joan Pasiuk 1 commentApr 01, 2013
sound stage saint paul (Preview)Brian Joyce1 commentApr 01, 2013
Water Trolley (Preview)jan gasterland1 commentApr 01, 2013
The United States Chamber of Conscience (Preview)James Daly 1 commentApr 01, 2013