Forever Saint Paul Challenge » Entries

Titlesort iconContributorLocationMedia/CommentsCreated
Billboard Art (Preview)zach cusick1 commentApr 02, 2013
BillBoard Stories (Preview)Katie Tuma1 commentFeb 17, 2013
Biodigesters at Como Zoo (Preview)Cadence Peterson1 commentMar 30, 2013
Bird Park or Nature Park in St. Paul (Preview)Ashwin Nambudiripad1 commentMar 20, 2013
Bishop Castle Concept (Preview)Timothy Bradley1 commentMar 26, 2013
Blue Ox Art Putt (Preview)Blue Ox Art Putt Gabriel Shapiro, Communications Director1 commentFeb 23, 2013
Book Immersion: Lifelong Learning Begins with Books for All Our Kids (Preview)Kyle Zimmer1 video1 commentApr 03, 2013
Born This Way (Preview)Hannah Saatzer1 image1 commentFeb 21, 2013
Botanical Gardens (Preview)Lorenzo Puente1 commentMar 22, 2013
Breaking down language barriers (Preview)jonathon stein1 commentFeb 18, 2013
Brewers/Winemakers Market/Beer Garden (Preview)Carl Loewecke1 commentFeb 16, 2013
Bridge Beautification (Preview)H. Deckard2 images2 commentsMar 20, 2013
Bridging Generations (Preview)Lynda McDonnell1 commentApr 03, 2013
Bring Back The Weather Ball ! (Preview)Julie Anderson1 commentApr 02, 2013
BRING THE CROOKS HOME (Preview)KENNETH PIERRE1 image1 commentApr 02, 2013
Bring the outdoors indoors complex (Preview)Heather Peterson2 commentsFeb 21, 2013
Bringing the future to St. Paul (Preview)T Foss1 commentMar 04, 2013
Bringing the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra to All of Saint Paul (Preview)Margot Galt1 commentMar 25, 2013
BUILD A BUS STOP: The ultimate DIY community-building experience (Preview)Lee Helgen2 commentsMar 26, 2013
Build a Pretend Train Station (Preview)Lindsey Wollschlager1 commentMar 12, 2013
Building a Bridge to Complete Safe North South Route in Saint Paul (Preview)Peter Carlsen1 commentApr 03, 2013
Building a school for the Poor & Those who Haven't Experienced School (Preview)Lexi Lor1 commentMar 29, 2013
Building Diverse Alliances for Social and Racial Justice (Preview)Vic Rosenthal1 commentApr 03, 2013
Building Our Village One Meal at a Time (Preview)Bo Thao-Urabe1 commentMar 28, 2013
Bus Stop Social (Preview)Fue Vang1 commentApr 03, 2013