Forever Saint Paul Challenge » Entries

TitleContributorsort iconLocationMedia/CommentsCreated
Celebrate: St. Paul on 1st and 3rd (Preview)Ted Lentz1 commentMar 25, 2013
Back to the Future of Play (Preview)Ted Kroeten1 video1 commentApr 03, 2013
The International Sporting Club of St. Paul (Preview)Taqee Khaled1 commentApr 03, 2013
"Virtual" Saint Paul (Preview)Tammy Kwiatkowski3 commentsMar 29, 2013
THE FLOATING GARDENS Of SAINT PAUL (Preview)Talerie Klefsaas1 commentApr 01, 2013
Town Square Park Revitalization (Preview)T.W. Day2 commentsMar 08, 2013
Bringing the future to St. Paul (Preview)T Foss1 commentMar 04, 2013
Free Ride on the St. Paul City Circuit (Preview)Susan Ohman2 commentsFeb 14, 2013
ST. PAUL ABLAZE with LIFE (Preview)Susan Heuer1 video13 commentsFeb 14, 2013
The Peoples Park and Fountain (Preview)Susan Matsuura1 commentFeb 22, 2013
Embarrassment or Pride as We Travel Through Our City (Preview)Susan Rolfe1 commentMar 20, 2013
ABC-XYZ- ForeverHome (Preview)Susan Pavlak1 commentApr 03, 2013
Saint Paul to Scale: A Model for the Future (Preview)Susan Strothman1 commentApr 03, 2013
Improve Parks Across the City (Preview)Susan Schmidt1 commentApr 03, 2013
Green Line Parks and Commons (Preview)Susan Schmidt1 commentApr 03, 2013
Open Space for Public Schools and Community (Preview)Susan Schmidt1 commentApr 03, 2013
Affordable Housing and Roads (Preview)Sue Lor1 commentMar 07, 2013
3333 Community Sparks - Connect Every Block, All People Across St. Paul (Preview)Steven Clift1 video8 images6 comments1 resourceMar 21, 2013
The Skyway Cart System (Preview)Steve Brady 2 commentsFeb 15, 2013
Innovation, Festival and Cultural Events (Preview)Steve Heckler1 commentMar 10, 2013
Ten Gardens / Ten Parks (Plus Two): A Year Round Growing Season for St. Paul Kids and Community (Preview)Steve Watson1 commentMar 12, 2013
Silo Gardens (Preview)Steve Budes1 commentMar 20, 2013
Family is Foundation (No Parent Left Behind): A document of love for Saint Paul school children (Preview)Steve Watson1 commentMar 25, 2013
FSP Challenge - Alley Rally (Preview)Stephen Filing1 commentApr 03, 2013
Secrets of St. Paul - Online, mobile and physical tools to create totally customizable city tours (Preview)Stephanie Harr2 commentsFeb 20, 2013