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St. Paul--Headwaters of Jazz

by Brian Kane | Feb 13, 2013

This is discussion about St. Paul--Headwaters of Jazz.

Selby Avenue Heritage and Jazz District

by Deborah McLaren | Feb 27, 2013

This is a great idea! The historic African American corridor, Selby Avenue, hosts an annual Jazz Festival (co-hosted by Golden Thyme Cafe and the Walker West Academy) that is fantastic. Peter Legget of Walker, and Mycheal White of Golden Thyme are coordinators. Recently, Dr. Chocolate's Chocolate Emporium opened nearby Selby and Dale and is also hosting jazz music. Lisa Tabor of CultureBrokers has designed a beautiful brochure of African American Heritage Corridor and is working with them on the development of Selby Avenue. They want to bring in a anchor-type restaurant to the corner of Selby and Victoria that might feature jazz and have talked with Mayor Coleman to encourage him to look for such. I am a stakeholder in the Selby Avenue Action Committee and would like to help make these connections between everyone, and to make this idea a reality!

Response to Deborah McLaren

by Brian Kane | Feb 27, 2013

Thank you for kicking in your support Deborah. Like your suggestion, my daughter also suggested that I investigate a couple other jazz-related events already occuring and tie them in. Because of the multi-ethnic and multi-generational appeal of this genre of music, and perhaps because of small footholds already established by programs like the Jazz Festival on Selby you mention, I really think we have a great chance to make it to the finals.

It would be fun to get together over some coffee on Selby to discuss how to integrate additional events and rationale into the proposal if you are interested. I am a Group Marketing Manager for Nonin Medical and prior to that owned a consulting business that developed a MN Cup winning business plan for a medical device client. I did that under contract to the MN Dept of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) so all in all, I believe I have the credentials to help make this real. [I originally have a Marketing Communications background which helps also.] Obviously I won't be able to do it by myself.

My family started out in St. Paul in 1921 on the West Side Flats, then moved up the hill to Hague and Grotto. Later generations moved from there to Mac/Grove (where I was born)then to Highland then to Mendota, so St.Paul is in my blood.

You can reach me at briankane123@gmail.com if you want to set up a chat to figure out how to make it to the finals, then implement this plan. I can still add some content to the idea proposal (like I just did when you made me realize that I had left out African-American jazz among my examples).

Thanks for reaching out with the feedback and input!
Best regards,

Wow! This sounds great. I

by apolinario sasam | Nov 25, 2013

Wow! This sounds great. I love Jazz, I'll totally support this project. - KSA Kosher