Minnesota Public Library Gives Tickets to St. Paul Venues

by Andrea Klosowski | Feb 14, 2013
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Provide Minimum One-Time Experiences of our Capitol City of St. Paul, Minnesota, to All Children of Minnesota (Revitalizing our Capital City with visitors and Tourism) by Implementing the Public Library System as means to do so.

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Minnesota Public Library Gives Tickets to St. Paul Venues

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Provide Minimum One-Time Experiences of our Capitol City of St. Paul, Minnesota, to All Children of Minnesota (Revitalizing our Capital City with visitors and Tourism) by Implementing the Public Library System as means to do so.

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Implementing the Minnesota Public Library System as a way to distribute one-time tickets for St. Paul venues would culturally enrich children of all economic backgrounds…by just having a Library Card. Because this is Minnesota’s Capital City, the interest will be high, and this opportunity could reach children from all of Minnesota, that live here, or that may be just visiting the St. Paul area. We'd be utilizing a resource that is already in place and potentially bringing more use to the St. Paul and Minnesota Public Library System. Since tickets would be picked up at the local libraries all over Minnesota and metro area, a person could definitively plan their visit based on the window of time these tickets are available.
A recent Gallup poll conducted April 2013, estimated that a family of four feel that they need at least, nearly $60,000 annually to “Get by”…and the average Minnesota resident income is $58,000. Also, as recent Gallup polls have shown, when people are hurting due to economic recession, they are more likely to cut down on expenses or spending in the travel and entertainment realm.

If we could utilize the Capital City resources and Infrastructure, with something like a Capital City Child Adventure Pass distributed through the libraries, the Capital City of St. Paul, Minnesota will be revitalized with Visitors and Tourism, because people would have an incentive to come to Saint Paul.

In some ways, implementing this idea could serve as a full-circle, four-way economic stimulus plan: 1.) The people could have a little incentive to visit their Capital City of St. Paul, Minnesota; 2.) the libraries could be helped with future reading program funding; 3.) the Venues could be helped with a stipend from the libraries for their participation; 4.) the city could be helped with the infrastructure support needed for this plan, increased tourism revenue, and revitalization; 5.) Full-circle, the marketing sector could see how much revenue and stimulus is coming from this implemented idea and may want to help “give back” to the community through a percentage of proceeds they'd be benefitting from, and this would sustain future funding for a Capital City Child Adventure Pass Fund for Future generations to also enjoy.

This Capital City, Our Capital City, of St. Paul, Minnesota would be "the place to be!”


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Primarily, this would impact all children in all socio-economic backgrounds and the library’s reading programs. I remember as a child in the Inner-city school district 625, I got to go to Como Planetarium three times, but my children in the ISD #138 school District (which is only a four- day school week because of public funding) have never had that opportunity with their school. Since, an opportunity such as this, mostly falls on the parent in rural areas, I would love to see a program implemented by the Library System that could allow children in all of Minnesota, attending with their families, to get a one-time pass to participating St. Paul Venues in our Capital City such as : The Arts Organizations that would perform at the Ordway or various Theatres that are represented, for example: By the United Arts Foundation in the Landmark Center; the Science Museum; or Children’s Museum; History Museum; Minnesota Wild or Swarm; or a Saints game. Also, a pass to ride on the MTC bus or a Light Rail ticket, a tour of the Capitol Building…these are the sort of experiences that are sometimes never given to a child.

Secondarily, since the infrastructure of the city might be impacted, the implementation of this idea could also set aside a small portion of money to help prepare Metro Transit, or Metropolitan Council. Specifically, for an urban circulator route or a Capital City Trolley Bus line…in collaboration with the Venues that participate, we could make one of its bus routes, in a sense, specifically cater to the Main participating Venues that could be on this Library distributed Capital City Adventure Pass. As the route, could practically stop at the Venues front door.

As a Visitor or tourist to the St. Paul area, this could be great to be able to park and ride around the city (you’re unfamiliar with), but it could also be great just as a resident of the Metro area too. To utilize a bus route such as this just to avoid traffic congestion and parking several times at different locations when attending different venues in one day.

Third, in St. Paul, jobs could be created in the Hotel and Restaurant sectors,
Tourism revenue could increase especially, with a Quarterly List of Events including a Smartphone App. placed at each library. The impact on the value of real estate in our downtown area would increase. The old Macy’s building may become a more marketable location. Wouldn’t it be fun to see an Adventure Zone there? Like they have in Duluth; with an Arcade; rock climbing; mini golf; and skate park. The Skyway would be impacted as well making it more of a hot commodity. I believe our Skyway is also very important to our infrastructure here in St. Paul. While the majority of funds should go towards the main idea of Public libraries giving tickets for St. Paul Venues, I think this idea calls for dividing the budget with a small portion set aside for all sectors: transportation, education, tourism, infrastructure, and marketing. I would like to remain as involved in the implementation of this idea, as needed, by any entities involved, as this idea comes to life.

Speaking from experience, for example, I’ve won radio tickets to a free concert at the Xcel before and still spent way too much money on at West Seventh establishments, but, it was fun, worth it, and very memorable.


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Why do you think people will recognize or remember your idea after it comes to life? How might it inspire others to do something similar in their community? (4000 characters maximum or approx. 500 words)

The Gems of St. Paul would benefit by getting a portion of money in admissions fees through a sustained stipend for tickets requested by the Library for this Capital City Child Adventure Pass. For example, we could distribute the one-time pass in the form of a Golden Bookmark, then with it, the child could redeem Capital City Adventure Pass tickets, or we could make a solid one-time pass. The options are limitless, and could be determined by libraries and participating venues.

These Venues and Infrastructures are resources we have in place and are already open for business daily. This opportunity would bring knowledge, experience, and awareness to St. Paul’s Hidden Treasures to generations, that may one day contribute to the sustainability of such organizations and/or venues they’ve visited. By implementing this idea not only will it provide experiences to Future Entrepreneurs, the money would go back to the vast cultural palette we have in our city through secondary resources, and go to our Local Economy as well. Money would be spent at Concessions stands, Food trucks, and Restaurants and Hotels. Tokens of the child’s trip may be purchased: such as sports memorabilia like a team jersey, or a souvenir in the gift shops.

This marketing opportunity could let these establishments track and contribute a portion of proceeds to a sustained Capital City Child Adventure Pass Fund.

For the additional urban circulator route, it could be called the Capital City Trolley Bus Line. There could be appx. eleven stops…this would be a route that would run every hour at each of the stops, during the summer as they do with the Port Town Trolley Bus in Duluth MN. We’ve visited Duluth four times in the last five years. Duluth’s Tourism revenue has increased 2.8 million dollars in the last five years, by issuing a city-coupon book and utilizing infrastructures such as the Port Town Trolley Bus. I believe we could expect to see similar results in St. Paul, as they say imitation is a form of flattery. The Stops for the Capital City Bus Route could be, the State Capitol Building Tours; Children’s Museum; Science Museum; Cathedral, Downtown Library; Xcel Energy; Landmark Center; History Center; Harriet Island Regional Park, with the Centennial Showboat, etc. This example route would be 8.9 miles and would take appx. 1 hour to make a round trip, with a 3-minute window at each stop. It could be mostly all Right turns so traffic and safety should not be an issue. It could run in a clockwise route around the city. For an all-day pass for this bus route, it could be appx. $4 and for just a one-time ride and stop; bus fare could be regular priced.

I hope this idea is considered…I know our family would participate in opportunities provided by a program such as what I have described. Especially, since we are a 4-day-school-week school district, we would be able to make the trip on an off day. My aunt and I have engaged in conversations relating to this idea for a few years now, so when The Saint Paul Foundation announced the $1 million Forever Saint Paul Challenge, this idea was instant!

Also, with a small portion of the money we could ensure, with the Library being its steward, that there's a fund set aside for the Future…of which we could name it after someone like my late Grandfather-in-law. He was a WWII POW and wrote an autobiography,in it he described the importance of reading. Back then it was common to get an eighth grade education, as his children were growing up and going through school, he also earned himself a high school diploma at a later age because he was always reading books he checked out from the libraries. He loved to read and knew the importance of the ability to read. We could call it the Klosowski Great-Great Generation Reading fund. This could ensure the next generation of children (or ours and his great-great grandchildren), get an opportunity to experience reading and/or our Capital City of Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Additonal Questions

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For your idea, what does success look like? (4000 characters, approx. 500 words)


Success is about voluntary collaboration between participating St. Paul Venues, along with Tourism, Metro Transit and the Metropolitan Council, Minnesota Public Libraries, and giving the children of Minnesota exposure to the Capital City of Minnesota with something like a Capital City Child Adventure Pass. Thus, with exposure, it creates opportunities for families to be enriched by the various educational experiences they will have benefitted from by using these tickets; engaging, enriching, empowering our children; our Future entrepreneurs. Also, the city of Saint Paul will benefit because the city will be revitalized with tourism increased tourism revenue…increasing usage of the Restaurants and Hotels, and providing exposure to potential first time home buyers who like the atmosphere of St. Paul and all the events and activities the area has to offer. Because of urban sprawl particular to our Metropolitan area, we have untapped resources of people, just north, up I-35, from Maplewood Mall to the Casinos, who are just waiting for “something to do;” If anyone could come to our Capital City and ride a bus route to each of the Venues knowing this route will stop at each of them, say every hour, people who are unfamiliar with the downtown area will likely love it and repeatedly come back. Real estate such as the old Macys location and the Skyway might become a hotter commodity. Residents of Minnesota will become familiar with their Capital City of St. Paul, Minnesota and want to revisit and want to bring others...word of mouth will spread.

What are the top three things that would likely need to happen in the first year to get your idea started? (4000 characters, approx. 500 words)

Top three things:

The top three things that need to happen in the next year would be: 1.) The participating Venues who want to be on board need to make it known. The Metropolitan Library System (MELSA) would need to communicate with the eleven other regional libraries of Minnesota and some select Western Wisconsin library regions about this opportunity. MELSA and the participating Venues would need to determine the stipend amount per tickets allocated to the libraries and determine timelines for the tickets such as. For example: The Capital City Child Adventure Pass expires one year from date issued; one child per lifetime pass; first come first serve on a quarterly basis; half-price adult admission with the pass of a child; distribution through local libraries in the residents area and which of the Venues will be on one pass. 2.) St. Paul Tourism would need to create a list of Quarterly Events that are complementary to the Capital City Child Adventure Pass, and or include a Capitol Building Tour Guide schedule along with info for the Capital City Trolley Bus Line. 3.) Hopefully, with the completion of the Saint Paul Saints Lowertown Ballpark, and the Central Corridor Light Rail Line, different discounts could be offered to various participating restaurants and bar & grills, gift shops, and specialty shops, and etc, by just showing a library card and or a Capital City Child Adventure Pass.

So, the bottom line is: cooperation; communication; collaboration; and creativity with our current Capital City Infrastructure.

Which organizations, groups, and/or people might be involved in implementing your idea? Why do you think they would be a good fit? (4000 characters, approx. 500 words)


The Organizations that might participate or be involved, but not excluding others, are: The twelve Regional Library Systems of Minnesota and some Western Wisconsin Libraries; The Xcel Energy Center and the Minnesota Wild; The Saint Paul Saints; The Science Museum and 3M Omni Theater; East Central Regional Library; Metropolitan Council; The Children’s Museum; The History Museum; Metro Transit and Central Corridor Light Rail Line; Visit Saint Paul Tourism; MN Explorer Magazine; FedEx Ground; the eleven Independent School Districts, within Minnesota, that currently operate on four-day week schedule due to lack of public funding in collaboration with Como Park School District #625; or a selected group like Independent School District #138, which is the closest school district from St. Paul with a 4-day week; North Branch Area Education Foundation; Como Zoo and Conservatory and Pool; Harriet Island Regional Park or Mississippi River Showboat and Padelford Riverboat; Circus De Juventus; Red Bull; Ordway Theater; St. Paul Winter Carnival; Landmark Center; Jackson St. Roundhouse Transportation Museum; MN State Fair; United Arts Foundation; St Paul Foundation; Various Marketing groups, Vali-Hi Drive In (last drive-in in the metro area)... It is limitless who may want to be involved. The organizations I have mentioned encompass everything that is Our Capital City of St. Paul, Minnesota. As this idea is implemented, I have a pretty good idea of how I would envision things and would make myself available for this implementation.

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