Great idea

by Jukka Kukkonen | Feb 23, 2013

This is exactly what St Paul needs!

Excellent solution to keep both drivers and cyclists happy!

by Melissa G | Feb 23, 2013

I'm all in favor of this idea. As someone who both rides a bike and drives a car, I think a separate bike lane would be ideal. Drivers wouldn't have to give a thought to how much passing room they're giving cyclists. And cyclists wouldn't have to worry about cars passing too close or possibly knocking them off their bike. Seems like a win-win situation! Great idea, Tony!

MInneapolize St. Paul

by Robert Corrick | Feb 24, 2013

Great idea Tony. I hope that it wins.

This seems really nice. I

by apolinario sasam | Sep 17, 2013

This seems really nice. I wish this will win. I think people would really appreciate this stuff especially what it actually aims to do. - Mallory Fleming

I think it would not really

by Graceh Hulleca | Feb 18, 2014

I think it would not really important that si why we could actually learn anything in to time. - Adam LaFavre