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Kaleidoscopic Peoples Monument

by anthony whelihan | Mar 09, 2013

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Kaleidoscopic Peoples Monument

by Peter Moos | Mar 20, 2013

This such a great idea. It involves the community in a lasting way and offers opportunities for any person/group no matter their talents, orientation, age, sex, etc to participate and share. I vote for this concept!

Whelihan Art Project/Wall

by Diana Pierce | Mar 20, 2013

What a fabulous idea! I can't wait to see this legacy of art happen for the kids and kids-at-heart of St. Paul. I also give this a THUMBS UP!

We should be able to do

by Jin Beloya | Dec 28, 2013

We should be able to do things that could certainly be useful for amything that we would eventually get something about. - Charles Brennan