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Saint Paul Historic Railway

by Dann Dobson | Mar 21, 2013

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a great idea to add something

by dave hartje | Mar 29, 2013

a great idea to add something unique to St. Paul that no other city has - everyone loves the old trains!!!!!!!!!!

Outstanding Addition to St. Paul

by Richard Fish | Mar 29, 2013

Ride the light rail to the refurbished Union Depot and take a historic train to a roundhouse railroad museum. Outstanding destination.

This should be a win-win for

by Scott Stearns | Mar 29, 2013

This should be a win-win for both the museum and the downtown St Paul area. I wish this had been available last year when the Burlington Route Historical Society had their annual convention in St Paul. It would be great to see the NP 328 lined up at SPUD with a string of heavyweight cars behind it.

Terrific downtown addition

by Andy Inserra | Mar 29, 2013

This would be a fantastic addition to the downtown scene. It would help bring even more life to the Lowertown area - this could really help boost the renaissance that is hitting this part of downtown. The railroad would be a great way to experience two very historic and important pieces of transportation history.

Both sites are well worth visiting, and linking the two would be a terrific project. It would be something to help gives tourists and locals alike one more reason to visit St Paul.

What a gret idea

by ana houghton | Mar 30, 2013

This would definitely be a benefit to Saint Paul both as a historical and a tourism attraction.

Terrific Idea

by Don Mason | Mar 30, 2013

Would be a boon to Saint Paul and the history of railroading in Minnesota

Wonderful idea to bring visitors to St Paul

by Robert Wilcox | Mar 31, 2013

This idea really capitalizes on the great railway history the city has. Train travel and history is a fascinating subject for kids and grownups alike, and the idea promises to get families downtown and spending money.

Perfect for all families

by Richard Ailts | Mar 31, 2013

This is the perfect educational tool for kids and adults.This is also a great way for public exposure

Making Lowertown a destination

by Eric Hopp | Apr 01, 2013

Combined with the Union Depot, the Science Museum, Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary, Central Corridor Light Rail and the new Saints stadium, this historic and educational attraction will bring people and new life to downtown St Paul.

How much cooler could that be!?

by Craig Lofgren | Apr 01, 2013

For the museum lovers - you get the Great Northern roundhouse living history railroad experience along with the classic Twin Cities transit buses at the Minnesota Transportation Museum combined with the very likable Minnesota Science Museum - all tied together with a classic train ride between them. For the railfans - you get a train ride from the Great Northern Roundhouse to Saint Paul Union Depot - how can you not revel in the feeling of living that history, right here in our city? Very cool, looking forward to the day I can ride that train!

I would love to see St. Paul

by william daniels | Apr 03, 2013

I would love to see St. Paul have a historic railway running through it, especially with the equipment owned by the Minnesota Transportation Museum

Historic Railroad in the Twin Cities

by Dan Lindfors | Apr 03, 2013

This would be a perfect idea for St. Paul and even the surrounding communities. Historic railroads have long been a help to many communities they serve in the US and even around the world. With this railroad, St. Paul could become even more of a destination than it has ever been prior. Plus, who doesn't like a good train ride?

Exciting Idea

by Jack Daw | Apr 03, 2013

I love the idea of having a working historic railway right in the heart of the city, linking two related significant properties.

A great opportunity

by Jonathan Van Niewaal | Apr 03, 2013

St. Paul has its history tied to the railroad. The Saint Paul Historic railway is a great way to recognize this heritage as well as educate our youth.

Something Truly Unique

by Phil Wellman | Apr 03, 2013

This is an opportunity to build something truly unique that no other major city has. The potential to connect cultural and transportation assets such as the newly-restored Union Depot and Science Museum of Minnesota with an historic and educational attraction such as Jackson St. Roundhouse would result in a cultural, educational, historical, and functional attraction that would be a crown jewel in the ongoing revitalization of Lowertown, and St. Paul in general. Not to mention it would pass very close to the proposed site of the new St. Paul Saints stadium.

Excellent Idea!

by Troy LaFaye | Apr 04, 2013

Excellent addition to both downtown St. Paul and to the Minnesota Transportation Museum. Great, family friendly activity that educates and brings alive the history and heritage of our state and region.

Really hope this happens. It is sorely needed.

Can't wait

by Sarah Van Niewaal | Apr 04, 2013

This will be a great attraction for families! Great idea for young and old and all those in between.

Bring the passenger trains back to where they belong

by Alan Wyman | Apr 05, 2013

The Union Depot recently reopened in downtown St. Paul. This is a great opportunity to embrace the history of the depot and it's ties to an historic era of passenger trains. Much of the infrastructure is still in place - the Roundhouse, the Depot, and the newest of the planned stops - the Science Museum. They all share a historical significance in St. Paul and all of them will benefit from this idea. The kids today grow up with Thomas the Tank Engine, Chuggington, and Choo Choo Bob. Let them experience a real train ride without leaving St. Paul.

Create a Family Destination!

by Michelle Urbancic | Apr 05, 2013

We would love to visit either Union Depot or the Minnesota Transportation Museum with our son. Still, making the trek across the river for either one of those locations is a lot of work with an 8 month old.

Now, add a train ride connecting the two, and we have a complete destination! It would be just the thing to get us over to St. Paul to enjoy the other half of the Twin Cities.

Fantastic Draw for Visitors

by Bill Sornsin | Apr 06, 2013

What a great idea. Families already show willingness to drive out to Osceola, Wisconsin for MTM's popular rides there. Offering this in an urban area will make the experience accessible to many more people, and its very uniqueness and historic route will also draw rail enthusiasts, from around the Midwest.

Good for Lowertown, good for Minnesota.

Exactly right year round

by Jeff Jones | Apr 06, 2013

As an East Side resident I'm glad to see St. Paul re-embracingthe river. Let's remembrace our railroads, too. Union Depot is a bright beacon that can be fueled by the long term dedication of the folks at MTM. This is family friendly, high profile, ecofriendly, tourist friendly, downtown business friendly and historically and culturally valuable. Let's do this and watch the crowds flock here. BTW, families are always looking for winter activities and it seems like this would be perfect year round.

This speaks directly to St. Paul's past, and future

by Kevin Kelley | Apr 24, 2013

St. Paul grew up with the railroads, and with the Central corridor LRT there seems to be a recognition that rail must play a part in its future too. This would be a great attraction.

Let's Make It Happen!

by Theresa Inserra | Apr 24, 2013

I remember seeing my father off at the St Paul Union Depot to ride the train for work many years ago when I was a child. I think everyone should be able to experience the grand feeling of riding trains out of the depot once again. Amtrak isn’t always suited for everyone’s travel plans so this would be a spectacular way to experience not only this beautiful building but also the historic Jackson Street Roundhouse and all it has to offer. It would also be a fantastic way for future generations to experience what it is like to travel by train.

Would LOVE to see this happen!

by Ann Horn | Apr 25, 2013

This would be an exciting and historically important attraction for families and train enthusiasts from all over. It would make a great family outting; really, what child doesn't love trains?! Fabulous idea for another great attraction in St. Paul.

A fun way to learn about St. Paul's railroad history!

by Sandy Beam | Apr 27, 2013

Unique attraction for all kinds of people - young, old, families, historians, railroad enthusiasts. Great way to showcase the rich history of St. Paul's railways.

This is such a nice idea. I'd

by apolinario sasam | Jan 30, 2014

This is such a nice idea. I'd totally vouch for this. - Feed the Children