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Urban Tennis Center - Playing it Forward - Securing the Future

by Becky Cantellano | Mar 29, 2013

This is discussion about Urban Tennis Center - Playing it Forward - Securing the Future.

St. Paul Urban Tennis

by Tony Stingley | Mar 29, 2013

A great program that serves the needs of thousands of young people in St. Paul. Using tennis, not only to make them healthier but using the life skills that can be taught through tennis to help them become productive members of the St. Paul community.

St. Paul Urban Tennis (SPUT)

by Tom Fridinger | Mar 31, 2013

SPUT annually provides Summer tennis instruction to several thousand kids throughout the inner-city neighborhoods of St. Paul. Tennis is a truly unique activity that is easily accessible, affordable, fun, promotes friendships, provides exercise; and, in the hands of skilled instructors, can be a conduit to promote and enhance life skills. SPUT kids learn how to play and compete with emphasis on having a positive attitude, trying one's best, and demonstrating uncompromising sportsmanship.

Although frequently praised for its organization and outstanding successes with the kids, SPUT is basically a Summer Program, with no dedicated indoor facility. How totally awesome it would be if the City of St. Paul could offer a year-around, first-class, indoor Recreational and Tennis Center; with SPUT then able to provide its tennis and life-skills program all year long! It's for the Kids!

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