by Brent Peterson | May 30, 2013

This needs to happen. A focused marketing campaign for this street could really do wonders. I would LOVE to see a modern residential high rise on the Macy's block with retail on the ground floor as another catalyst to this. The mixing of business, retail, and residential in this strip could help sustain all 3 of those sectors. Let's get this place hoppin'!

I want to hear more!

by Amy Hyatt-Blat | Jun 13, 2013

Brent - THank you for you enthusiasm for ARTS WALK WABASHA! I really want to hear more about your vision for a modern residential high rise. Please come to the Public Pub Talk for ARTS WALK WABASHA next Wedensday, June 19 at 4pm at the Amsterdam Bar and Hall and tell the room your vision...thanks for dreaming with us!


by Annelise Tarnowski | Jun 11, 2013

What a fantastic idea--and so necessary. This area has so much potential for both businesses and the general community. Happy to see that the surrounding community members are getting involved in making the change, too. And won't it be great to get rid of that Skyway... How can community members get involved at this point? And how can we keep up with the progress? Keep up the great work!

Great Community Leadership.

by Ally Kimberly | Jun 12, 2013

Love to see art, beautification, pedestrian and bike traffic and people connecting all in one space!

I know, right?!

by Amy Hyatt-Blat | Jun 13, 2013

Ally - it's all about connection and community on ARTS WALK WABASHA. Thank you for your virtual "thumbs up" and dreaming with us!

This will be such a wonderful

by Lisa Maloney-Vinz | Jun 13, 2013

This will be such a wonderful upgrade to downtown St. Paul. Long awaited and much needed. With the arrival of more visitors to downtown St. Paul via the light rail and for Saints baseball games, this is such a smart investment for our beloved city!

Smart Investment Indeed

by Amy Hyatt-Blat | Jun 13, 2013

Lisa - That's it! There's some great momentum for downtown Saint Paul for the first time in a long time--ARTS WALK WABASHA is an investment in downtown Saint Paul that WILL pay off. Thanks for taking the time to comment and dream with us!

Destination? Wabasha Street, Saint Paul!

by Lisa Radzak | Jun 13, 2013

Love the vision behind this!

Love such a large swath of the community coming together to bring focused intention to an area that has so much history, and so much potential for St. Paul's future.

This will draw in businesses, changemakers, artists, ... so that Washaba Street becomes THE destination in the Twin Cities...for families, singles, young and old, all of us.

This is really exciting stuff!

You've got 20-20 vision for ARTS WALK WABASHA

by Amy Hyatt-Blat | Jun 13, 2013

Lisa - you've got 20-20 vision for ARTS WALK WABASHA! Thanks for seeing it and letting us know that you are on board .

Love this idea!!!

by Stephen Schreiber | Jun 13, 2013

As a FORMER resident of downtown St. Paul this is exactly the type of organizing that would draw me back downtown. Creating vibrant, clean, and diverse downtown communities is so important. It is great to see a project that will bring together business, residents, workers, community members, and visitors. A collective vision of this nature is so important so that everyone benefits from future development.

A Great Idea

by Scott Tempel | Jun 19, 2013

There is so much potential for this concept to bring much needed energy to downtown. It is wonderful that the community is the driving force behind this. Great places begin with vision and a core of committed people.

A Strong Team

by Nancy Rosenbaum | Jun 25, 2013

I worked near Wabasha for 5 years and I can see the incredible potential of having a vibrant, walkable downtown corridor that connects the Capitol to the River. Wabasha Street has so many great resources (Children's Museum...History Theater...Fitzgerald Theater) but those resources are disconnected. I've been attending Wabasha Partners meetings for the last 4 months. What's clear is that Arts Walk Wabasha has the right team in place to bring this idea to life. Our meetings draw residents, small business owners, city planners, non profit organizations, and more. We're committed to making a change on Wabasha.


by Stephen Schreiber | Jul 09, 2013

Great section from a MinnPost article that points out how disconnected the Capitol is from downtown. There is HUGE potential and pay back to recreate that connection.

"Norquist's parents lived in St. Paul, and he is not reluctant to say that the Twin Cities have "way too many freeways."

That I-94 cuts downtown St. Paul off from the Capitol is the loss of a major asset. Without it, all those government workers could be shopping and eating lunch downtown. But he admits that getting rid of a highway connecting two cities and sitting in a major trench would be near impossible. He instead suggests going for the low-hanging fruit that would free up land and increase connectivity. Long off-ramps may be the best candidates."

The Time is Right!

by Pat Skinner | Jul 10, 2013

Thank you Wabasha Partners for taking charge to affect positive change on a signature street in downtown St. Paul. Your mission is so simple and so on point, soundly based upon a common sense approach and sustainable because of the broad support of activist stakeholders. The potential for Wabasha to become a top of mind destination enhancing the overall cultural and business climate of downtwon and the City is enormous!

Great Idea

by Joe Olson | Jul 10, 2013

It is a great idea, we need something like this to tie the amazing assets of this street together. Having worked on this street for years I can see there is a new vitality and momentum that we need to continue to nurture and promote.

A new look at downtown

by Heather Atsmart | Jul 16, 2013

This project has made me look at downtown in a new way after living downtown for 8+ years. We need this in so many ways:

1) St. Paul is a great city - why do we keep it hidden inside? Just walk along most of the streets - street level is turned inward. People live, work and play here...let's not hide it!

More to come...

land bridge over 94

by Jessica Treat | Jul 18, 2013

Saw this blog and couldn't help but think of Arts Walk Wabasha. Reconnecting downtown to the capital grounds with more parkland over the freeway at the north end of Wabasha would be amazing. This would help make that end of Wabasha into a destination rather than a stretch of road for cars to speed through on their way to the freeway.

jewel box gallery and more

by Heather Atsmart | Jul 22, 2013

As a artist living and working (and working a job) downtown, I would love to see the vacant store fronts become temporary art studios - the building owners/management companies could be corporate sponsors of defined term Artists in Residence programs..It would follow the model that artists create life and interest in an area which raises the desirability and boom (or bloom) you have new vibrancy in an area that was once barren.

A premier location to me would be the Skyway to NoWhere...let's rename it the Skyway of Dreams! With the right attention, it could be a Jewel Box Studio or Gallery.

Hey - the Share this forum link doesn't seem to work

by Heather Atsmart | Jul 22, 2013

That could be a problem...I sent a comment to the challenge tech support contact us.


by Anna Springfield | Jul 25, 2013

St. Paul needs a 21st-century main street, and Wabasha is just the place for it. Stages, artwork, studios, galleries, and cafes are all great ideas for turning this street into a hub of creative life downtown. This is a great opportunity to show how a design that welcomes all modes of transportation can give new life to a street. Let's build safe bike facilities, slow down traffic, beautify the sidewalks, and improve the bus shelters. Let's make this a street worth lingering on!

Block Party

by Annelise Tarnowski | Jul 31, 2013

I had so much fun at the Block Party last week. I got to talk to all of our Wabasha neighbors and ask them what they would like to see change on Wabasha Street. Not only were the people great, but the free food and entertainment was the best I've seen at a 90-minute outdoor event this summer. So much to see, and so much new and unexpected entertainment on every block.

Here's a video which a quick summary of some of the dreams and entertainment from the day:

yes yes yes

by Nate Gebhard | Jul 31, 2013

This idea is full of potential. Creating an institution to honor and respect the historic resonance of Saint Paul and its people is necessary, building an arts-focused corridor highlighting the beauty of humanity is wonderful, creating life in downtown Saint Paul is fantastic - but what's brilliant is establishing a community, a culture, a place which cultivates and fosters all of these ideas and more. My sense is that Arts Walk Wabasha is doing just that.

Cycling improvements on Wabasha

by Andrew Singer | Aug 06, 2013

I see nothing in your description about physically improving conditions for cyclists on this (or any) downtown street. You're not proposing to stripe bike lanes or a cycle track on Wabasha from the Capitol to the bridge ...or even to fix the one-block gap on Wabasha from Fillmore to Plato street on the West Side and thus link the bridge with the Caesar Chavez bike trail. So, I'm not clear how this project improves conditions for cycling.


by Tina Dybvik | Aug 10, 2013

Cass Gilbert's vision (and your goals) suggest the flow of a 2-way street.

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