Local Food and Biofuel

by zach cusick | Apr 02, 2013
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A St. Paul greenhouse with three large tanks of water could provide us with fish, vegetables, and biodiesel made from algae.

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Mike Mageau, David Abazs, Baylor Radtke

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Local Food and Biofuel

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A St. Paul greenhouse with three large tanks of water could provide us with fish, vegetables, and biodiesel made from algae.

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This takes the idea of agriculture and moves it indoors, therefore making it feasible during Saint Paul's long winter. People like to buy local food and the Saint Paul Farmer's Market is a good example of this. However, not a lot of local food can be sold during the winter months and this idea addresses that dilemma. Secondly, fuel is usually derived from crude oil, but it can also be produced from algae. Finally, this idea creates a fish farm, which provides a clean source for harvesting fish since a lot of lakes and rivers in the area are too polluted to eat the fish living in them. This idea is not new, Victus Farm is currently running this kind of system in Silver Bay. Sometimes the best idea is recognizing a good idea and redeveloping it in a new environment.


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This idea provides local food in the form of fish and vegetables and it can even be produced during the winter. This would benefit people wanting to buy local food, restaurants, and food shelves. Furthermore, the fuel made from the algae can be sold or given to any business or person in need of energy.


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This is currently being done at Victus Farm in Silver Bay and it can easily be replicated in other communities. It is designed to work in a loop that requires just a few inputs and provides many outputs, making it very efficient and sustainable. One tank of water houses the fish, which in turn produces waste-water high in nutrients and low in oxygen. This water is pumped into a tank that uses hydroponics to grow vegetables. The water from the fish tank is also pumped into a third tank which grows algae and the algae can be converted into fuel. The vegetable water tank and the algae water tank use up the nutrients from the fish tank and re-oxygenate the water so that it can be pumped back into the fish tank. This idea could be recognized by the local food and alternative fuel movements.

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