Billboard Art

by zach cusick | Apr 02, 2013
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Let local artists display their artwork on billboards throughout Saint Paul.

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Billboard Art

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Let local artists display their artwork on billboards throughout Saint Paul.

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Most billboards display advertising and this would let local artists show their work to a large audience and advertise their work. For people passing by a billboard it may be refreshing to see a piece of public art instead of seeing another consumer product being advertised.


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This idea can be implemented throughout Saint Paul. Any place with a billboard can be transformed into a place with public art. Billboards could display poems, paintings, photographs, or other forms of art.


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Most billboards seem to be currently ignored because most of them simply advertise. They simply promote their product, service, or opinion. Art may do this too, but it could also provide a pleasant view or moment of deeper contemplation for people viewing it.

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