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Dementia Friendly Businesses and Communities

Lori La Bey
by Lori La Bey | Apr 02, 2013

This is discussion about Dementia Friendly Businesses and Communities.

This should be at the top of the list for all places in the US

by Michael Ellenbogen | Apr 04, 2013

Making the city more hospitable for those with Alzheimer's disease is a must because this will eventually have an impact on all of us in some way. Dementia is now being seen as the worst for the 21st century and most of us do not even know it.

Dementia Friendly - Make the top of the list!

by Lori La Bey | Apr 04, 2013

You are so right and I thank you for writing in. For those that don't know Michael Ellenbogen, you should. He is man living with dementia who has struggled with symptoms since his 30's! NO this is not a typo. To talk with Michael and others with dementia join us on our FREE Dementia Chats webinar next Tues 4/9 at 2pm CST, 3pm EST, 12pm PST
Come with your questions. The group is very open to answering them. Here is the link. Just enter as a guest.

Despite its prevalence,

by penina mezei | Apr 02, 2014

Despite its prevalence, Alzheimer's and Dementia are not a normal timeperiod of elderly people. Alzheimer's causes sevire changes to people's brain wich makes them various problems when communicating, thinking, and taking care of their most basic requirments. Symptoms can vary from one person to another because the disease affects each individual differently. However all individuals diagnozed with Alzheimer's inevitably advance through increasingly debilitating stages and for that reason they need more intense levels of care.
Home Care expert Penina Mezei discusses how Attencia Senior Care's training program is based on research and experience.
Despite the fact that at the moments there's no known deterrent or cure for Alzheimer, Penina Mezei explains how specific methods of care can help manage the symptoms of Alzheimer and Dementia. Given examples point out the need of maintaining routines and simplifying tasks which may reduce patient's fear and confusion. Mezei also suggests that a caregiver should adapt patient's activities and conduct a routine to allow the person with Alzheimer's to participate as much as possible.

Dementia Friendly Businesses and Communities

by Bernadette Brady | Apr 04, 2013

My mother has had Alzheimer's Disease for 12 years. I have been her sole caregiver throughout her illness. One of the saddest things I have learned on this journey is just how isolating Dementia is for those who have the disease, their families and loved ones. Just simple things like going to a restaurant, going shopping, going for a walk can be so incredibly challenging. People often stop and stare if the person with dementia appears confused or agitated. People appear to be frightened by what they see, and so, they dont stop to help. For me, that meant avoiding taking Mom to places we could have continued to visit. If only I could have felt some sense of understanding there. If only people knew more, understood more, and were less afraid of dementia. Our loved ones deserve for their communities to be we welcoming and as embracing for them after their diagnosis of dementia, as they were before. This would give both patients, caregivers and family members a sense that they still belonged in their communities and therefore did not feel the need to withdraw, because of lack of insight and understanding. Lori La Bay works tirelessly, with the greatest insight and passion to create better dementia awareness. Her proposal is groundbreaking. So I ask you, work with her, walk alongside her and give your citizens the dementia friendly communities that they deserve, so that people with dementia can feel like they belong, are understood, and welcome, in their own communities. Do something wonderful...give this gift to your citizens with dementia.

People appear to be frightened by what they see, they don't help

by Lori La Bey | Apr 04, 2013

Hi Bernadette
Thank you so much for writing. You really drew a nice picture for people to see what it's like to live with this disease out in a community; and it makes no difference what community. The needs are the same around the world.

St. Paul $1M Improvement Contest-Make St. Paul Dementia Friendl

by Beth Paterson | Apr 04, 2013

I think Lori La Bey's idea of making st. Paul Dementia Friendly is such an innovative idea. Everyone is touched with dementia in one form or another, they have a family member or friend with a form of dementia, maybe is even working with someone with with early on-set dementia. It also impacts their lives in one way or another, if they have a loved one with dementia they are likely to be missing work, struggling with day-to-day living. They may know or work with someone with dementia but not realize this is the issue. They don't know how to respond, care for, what resources are available or how to address or help someone with this disease.

Having the city, businesses, employees as well as employers, and citizens be better educated on dementia, create/share resources and be a more "user" and dementia friendly city benefits EVERYONE and sets a precedence for the world.

Being dementia friendly also ties in with creating Communities for a Lifetime, (a St. Paul and MN State initiative) helping people live in their community no matter what their age. By making it easy to live and navigate the city for the aging and those with dementia means it's easier for the younger population also.

No other idea impacts as many people as St. Paul being the 1st Dementia Friendly City - it will have an impact on everyone who lives, works and visits St. Paul.

I can't say it enough - this is the best idea to benefit and improve the lives of everyone in St. Paul!

No other idea impacts as many people as St. Paul

by Lori La Bey | Apr 04, 2013

HI Beth
Thank you such much for taking the time to write. You made some excellent points and this initiative would tie in lovely with the existing "Communities for a Lifetime" already in place.

Across the miles.

by Jane Moore | Apr 05, 2013

We need to come together across the whole world to defeat dementia. Our actions show our support and awareness. Nothing should be too difficult to do when those we love are in peril. Together we can support each other and find a cure. Many businesses and shops here in England are reading about dementia and doing whatever they can to help and support using the global Purple Angel dementia logo. Changes both in perception and real terms are being made - and it's working! A huge voluntary effort, with nations coming together - and St Paul is best placed with Lori and Alzheimer's Speaks to lead the way in the US! Alzheimer's Speaks has already heped millions of people worldwide and we are thanking you from Britain Lori for all you achieve!

Coming together across the whole world to defeat dementia

by Lori La Bey | Apr 05, 2013

Thank so much for taking the time to write. All of you over in the UK are such an inspiration and Norrm's McNarama, one man with dementia has started this rolling cause which is expanding around the world. The Prime Minister seeing and embracing this mission is such a beautiful and wise thing.

Together people can and will learn to speak freely removing the isolation. Together we can raise awareness and educate businesses, communities and the public. By allowing all voices to be heard and taking to heart the powerful insights of those living with dementia I believe we can make great strides.

Thank you for all you are doing and your willingness to share your brilliant programs. Collaboration is the key and each of us has the ability to open the door to work together for a purpose greater than ourselves.


Just the beginning

by Beth Reinert | Apr 05, 2013

Lead the way. This is just the beginning for the United States to accommodate the millions of families suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. May God bless your efforts and may you find favor from the judges on this important idea. Thanks for stepping out and drawing attention to the need.

just the beginning for the United States to accommodate the mill

by Lori La Bey | Apr 05, 2013

HI Beth
Thank you so much for your support! It means so much to all of us around the world and especially right now in St Paul. Any efforts made to pass on what we are trying to do here is much appreciated ans will help raise awareness.

Thanks for taking the time to write.


Dementia Friendly Communities

by olivia mastry | Apr 05, 2013

This is a very important issue that impacts many people in St. Paul, not just those with dementia, but their families, caregivers, friends, neighbors, faith organizations, emergency response teams, businesses, health and long term care organizations. We are all touched by this disease whether we know it or not. Lori's idea to create dementia friendly business will build on important work that is already getting started in the city to help St. Paul be a dementia capable community. Thanks for submitting the idea. Olivia (ACT on Alzheimer's)

We are all touched by this disease whether we know it or not.

by Lori La Bey | Apr 05, 2013

HI Olivia
Thank you so much for taking the time to write and support this cause. Working collaboratively we can accomplish so much more providing better resources, services and support to those in need. Your group is doing fantastic work . Keep it up.

You Rock Girl

by Joseph Potocny | Apr 06, 2013

Great idea, but of course it came from you. As you know I fight for awareness on Alzheimer's especially and all other forms of dementia. If I can personally help beyond this coment, contact me.

God Bless,

I fight for awareness

by Lori La Bey | Apr 06, 2013

Hi Joe
Thank you so much for writing. Your support means so much! I'll keep you posted on next steps. Right now we have to wait to see if we make it to be a finalist.... If you have friends and colleagues that are interested in the the cause, you could ask them to read the proposal and if they like what I've proposed they too and write a comment and show their support.
Thanks again for taking the time Joe to write in. You are one of the important voice of dementia which must continue to be heard!


Facing Demographic Reality

by Richard Posey | Apr 09, 2013

As Minnesota has the second-highest life expectancy of the 50 states (only Hawaiians live longer), it would be fitting that St. Paul should take the lead in this. Longer lifespan correlates with a higher percentage of the population dealing with dementia problems. I think a program to face the problem and, as much as possible, accommodate both the victims and caregivers is so very ... er, "Minnesotan." As an outsider, it fits with part of my perception of what Minnesota and its people are about. Create a great program and a number of other cities will follow St. Paul's example.

Minnesota has the second-highest life expectancy of the 50 state

by Lori La Bey | Apr 09, 2013

HI Richard,
Thank you so much for thoughts. I found your insights very interesting. I so appreciate you taking the time to write in support. Lori

Great way to Remove the Stigma around Alzheimer's

by Brightstar St Croix Valley | Apr 26, 2013

Lori, there is nothing better than education and shedding light on a problem to remove the vast amount of fear that we see around Alzheimer's. I think that this is a wonderful idea to start investing more time and energy around this proactively. Great job as usual Lori!

Wonderful idea to start investing more time and energy on this

by Lori La Bey | Apr 30, 2013

Thank you Bright Star for you support. This is such a critical time for society. We don't have time to waste. Dementia is mandating our attention and motivating individuals, families and businesses to work together. I am very excited about the future as we shift our dementia care culture.

Strengthening Community

by Georgia Lane | May 02, 2013

Thanks Lori for your work in this important area! We know that dementia is an issue that touches the ENTIRE community, and I applaud your attention to this initiative. It truly does "take a village" to make sustainable and lasting change. Support from Open Ideas would really help St. Paul become a national leader in preparing dementia capable communities. Onward and Upward! :)


St Paul - National Leader in for Dementia Capable Communities

by Lori La Bey | May 02, 2013

HI Georgia
Thank you so much for your support. I think we could all do wonderful things with this money. To have the resources to get organizations and communities educated and working together in a positive light would be such a beautiful thing and help so many. The thought of improving life for those with dementia, those caring for people diagnosed as well as businesses serving the community is exciting, achievable and sustainable for St Paul.
Thanks again fro taking the time to write.

One thing that we should

by Digs Polines | Feb 17, 2014

One thing that we should always remember for such things that we know that could always be something we need. - Sandra Dyche