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MAIC It Happen! A Montessori American Indian Center

Janice LaFloe
by Janice LaFloe | Feb 28, 2013

This is discussion about MAIC It Happen! A Montessori American Indian Center.

MAIC It Happen

by Janice LaFloe | Apr 03, 2013

All Children deserve the best we have to offer! Let's make it happen for all children!


by Jessica Atkins | Apr 11, 2013

Its true that all children deserve better education. this sounds like a great way to achieve it and there is plenty of evidence and many years of proof to back it up.

Will it be a charter type school? A free preschool? What will the structure be, what qualifications do kids/families need to attend?

The Center will be generally

by Janice LaFloe | Apr 11, 2013

The Center will be generally structured like a private child care center, as this type of structure will help build a sustainable model. Scholarships will be available for families as well! The most important qualification for a child and family is the desire to want the best for their children and to find it in our center! The focus on language and culture is an important part of what makes this opportunity unique for those families wanting this for their children and so many have been asking for years for this in St Paul!

MAIC It Happen

by Kathleen Hedberg | Apr 03, 2013

What an important and needed program. I hope you win so your location can be secured!

Great Idea!!

by Kristin Grider | Apr 06, 2013

I think that Montessori education is a fantastic way to help children with their education and self-realization. I don't know much about the Native American population...would you use materials that are adapted to that culture? What about languages and storytelling traditions? Would you offer parent education? Primary education? Secondary education?

This is a great idea, and I'm interested in the way it meshes with the target population.

Details and Good Planning MAIC It Happen!

by Janice LaFloe | Apr 06, 2013

One of the beautiful aspects of Montessori is the adaptability and emphasis on the significance of culture! The plan is to have elders and/or fluent speakers be an important part of the environment as trained assistants!

This is very exciting

by Jessica Atkins | Apr 11, 2013

This is very exciting Janice!
Cant wait to hear more

Yes! Montessori!

by Carolyn L | Apr 10, 2013

Yes! This is a fantastic idea! I would absolutely love to see this in action.

MAIC it Happen

by Lisa DeCory | Apr 10, 2013

What a great idea! So needed in our community and would give our children a head start in their education. Montessori and culture combined is a holistic approach to education and would benefit so many children who do not fit into the box that the education system has put our children in. I hope to see this dream become reality and would love to be apart of it.

You have already played such

by Janice LaFloe | Apr 11, 2013

You have already played such an important part by sharing your thoughts, keep it up! Our native voice is often far too quite, please continue to speak up and share your wisdom and thoughts!


by Jim Tincher | Apr 10, 2013

There has been significant research on the impact of Montessori education. Combining this with a Native American focus is a fantastic idea. This is an underserved population that can truly benefit from this program.

This is quite an innovative

by Curtis Johnson | Apr 10, 2013

This is quite an innovative idea. The Montessori method can bring the best out of kids. I particularly like the idea of having fluent speakers as trained assistants.

MAIC It Happen, Needs to Happen

by Danielle DeLong | Apr 10, 2013

Montessori methods are proven to be so strong and successful. For that reason alone I hope your idea and your efforts come to fruition soon!! This project would contribute to St. Paul and our Native American community tremendously for generations. Study upon study, show that early childhood education is vital to developing strong, essential life skills, helping increase the rates of high school graduation, and overall life successes. Add to that, a montessori experience, traditional teachings and knowledge, language and culture, a passionate teaching staff, and a community in need - It seems like a perfect fit for St. Paul!
MAIC It Happen! A great future in this idea, Janice!

All good ingredients for a

by Janice LaFloe | Apr 11, 2013

All good ingredients for a healthy and strong community. It takes a community working together to make good 'soup'!!

MAIC it Happen, EXEMPLARY Educational idea!

by Marlene Munroe | Apr 11, 2013

This brilliant combination will undeniably provide an efficacious outcome for future generations!!!!!!! What a phenomenal idea Janice.


by Jessica Atkins | Apr 11, 2013

MAIC is a fantastic model for early childhood education. How will the families be involved with this program? It seems that the cultural and educational aspects can be enhanced when family is also involved.

Families have been sharing

by Janice LaFloe | Apr 11, 2013

Families have been sharing their thoughts with me for the past nine months through community surveys and Talking Circles! They have already shaped so many of the plans to date! Parents are a child's first 'teacher' so working together to build a strong foundation during the formative years is the goal. Parent involvement and participation at home and school will help shape the most important part of all - their child's future!

The talking circles are such

by Jessica Atkins | Apr 11, 2013

The talking circles are such an important part of this planning and continued development.

As a former preschool teacher and as a parent of a girl who attended a public Montessori inspired school in Minneapolis, I can attest to how important this school would be for the community. Yvonne mentioned leadership skills and this ability to self-direct is among the many skills Montessori enables. Go! If anyone is perfect to get this done its you Janice.

Montesorri Language

by Yvonne Barrett | Apr 11, 2013

The combination of Montesorri education and Indigenous language learning would benefit our St. Paul children immensely. Having a daughter who attended a Montesorri elementary school, she learned the values of cross age learning, self sufficiency and leadership. Coupling this style of learning with a language immersion focus will increase academic achievement for our children while at the same time ensuring our community has future speakers. These future language speakers will carry on our customs, stories and Ojibwe and Dakota lifeways. Chi-Miigwech (thank you), Janice for undertaking this significant project.


by jeremy decory | Apr 11, 2013

The Community needs a center for our youth to learn in. The systems in place now our broken and to linear in there way of thinking. I'm so glad there are such great people out there like you janice that is capable and strong to pursue this for the youth.

MAIC in St. Paul

by Joe Regguinti | Apr 24, 2013

The premise sounds great and if I had to choose a person that can create something special you would be number one. Does the school end at age six or are you considering making this learning center a comprehensive education to replace traditional pre-k through 12th? I like the concepts that I know of Montessori, and it would seem that a focal study of traditional first nation's language, blended with the Montessori teaching methods, can help erase some of the pain that boarding schools have wrought on Native communities and our most cherished asset, our children. Good luck and I hope you at least get a chance to show them that your the best at what you do.

love this.

by Morningstar Dorr | May 03, 2013

This sounds like a great plan! Native american culture and langauge would be easily soaked up into the minds of the children! It will be something that will stick with them for life. i lived with my aunt and she was fluent in ojibwe i heard it all the time
as a kid. then i got to be about 10 and went into foster care and didnt hear the langauge or culture as much any more. But i still knew a lot. it stuck with me. and im grateful.

We need more quality programs for our kids

by Sammie Ardito Rivera | May 03, 2013

Support this, I want to see it happen. As a Native parent of a preschool age child I am struggling to find a program that is both culturally based and has other children from my community but still has high education standards!

Full Support

by Brook LaFloe | May 03, 2013

I'm all in, I hope we can get the Montessori up and running soon!

I like the way how they

by llhjl hlhj | Feb 13, 2014

I like the way how they focused on making their center be more useful. - Roger Stanton