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Maria Street public space

by sage holben | Apr 03, 2013

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Maria residents

by Cheryl Kenney | Apr 03, 2013

Although it might pose some inconveniences for the residents living on Maria Ave., I see merit in this idea. I am definitely concerned about the need for sustaining economic growth and a healthy community. I also see a need for slowing down traffic on Maria Ave., making it it safer and quieter.
My questions concern the ways that this public space would affect the residents living on Maria Ave. How would the issue of residential parking along Maria Ave., and side streets like 5th Street and 4th Street, be addressed? Many senior and/or disabled residents must carry their groceries a long distance because they can't find an available parking space near their homes, a serious hardship. Also, would we develop shops only in vacant houses on Maria Ave., or try to persuade homeowners and landlords to open shops on their property? This could provide jobs for people living in the neighborhood. Could we get whatever zoning variances we might need to implement this?

Maria Avenue Pedestrian and Public Space

by sage holben | Apr 03, 2013

Hi, Cheryl,
Would you like to work through this with me? I do value your perspective on the area. I agree that transportation and parking is a problem. We have a ramp being built by Metro State, and we hope that the university community will actually use it. Though I think there is always a strong appeal for street parking. If residents were to stay on the two blocks, do you have suggestions? there are no alleys, and Fourth and Fifth on the west side of Maria are cul de sacs. Parking would be on the East side of Maria. Could there be resident parking slots on Fourth and Fifth where they meet perpendicularly with Maria? Perhaps there wouldn't be enough back up/turn around space.

I can check records, but do you know how many houses on the two blocks are owner-occupied? The two across from the Strip Club are; Metro State has shown interest in purchasing them, and has talked with the owners, I understand. The city owns two or three on the block between Fourth and Fifth...and 326 Maria (corner of Fourth).
Owner/shops would be ideal -even a greater sense of investment.

Fourth Street Preservation project some years ago had discussed the possibility of shops on Maria. What do you think residents of Dayton's Bluff would like? University community while they're here and before they head home to other areas? Small hardware/whatnot? Coffee shop that allows internet access, open longer/earlier/later hours? Small restaurant that serves light meals/sandwiches, encourages meetings. Definitely public space to encourage plantings and gatherings.

Re transportation, if the streetcar becomes a reality, that would help. A small grocery, with healthy foods? Remember, the co-op will likely go in across from Swede Hollow. A bike shop/bike repair somewhere nearby?

Cheryl, please keep posting.

For something that we might

by Digs Polines | Feb 17, 2014

For something that we might really need that would also be the reason why we need to do things according to plan. - Feed the Children