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Microfinancing for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

by Traci Elder | Mar 15, 2013

This is discussion about Microfinancing for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs.

Awesome idea! Allows

by Curt Baker | Jun 25, 2013

Awesome idea! Allows philanthropists to give to something very immediate in their community that they can watch grow (and even get their money back over time). Plus, this creates a model that is sustainable, since the entrepreneurs need to be successful to pay back the loans instead of relying on ongoing donations.

Your comment

by Traci Elder | Jun 27, 2013

Thanks, Curt! Appreciate the feedback. I think entrepreneurs and lenders would both be excited about this model for St. Paul.


I love how neighborly this

by Kate Durkin | Jun 25, 2013

I love how neighborly this idea is. Locals helping locals. It's "Minnesota Nice" in action!

Good neighbors

by Traci Elder | Jun 27, 2013

I agree, Kate. I like the midwestern aspect of it, too... people lend a hand, you work hard, you pay them back.


Smart and local. Helping to

by Kris Kelsey | Jun 25, 2013

Smart and local. Helping to grow the St Paul city now and for the future

I want a community that loves it's entrepreneurs

by Brooke H Brown | Jun 26, 2013

I love the spirit of this entry - more ideas, more local businesses and more diversity in the mix. It would be a proud moment to see our community thrive in this way.


by Traci Elder | Jun 27, 2013

Hi Brooke -

I couldn't agree more :)

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by Hamilton Scott | Sep 12, 2013

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Business will always starts

by llhjl hlhj | Feb 17, 2014

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