CVA breeds creative problem solving

by matt volenec | Apr 06, 2013

As a current CVA student, I love this idea! The CVA model is built on providing those who otherwise couldn't afford it an opportunity at a top tier art and design education. Throughout my years at CVA I've learned how to think critically about problems and then design creative solutions to solve them. That includes speaking about issues, utilizing feedback from others, and ultimately implementing innovative ideas. I'm not alone – a vast network of CVA alumnus have become a vital part of the Twin Cities.

Educating Imagination

by Maria Santiago | Apr 06, 2013

Kolean Pitner's essay is an intelligent reflection on how to create partnerships that benefit and enrich many in our community and reaches into the future.

We need to foster imagination in order to problem solve many complicated issues facing us and future generations and also to make moral ethical decisions... without imagination it is difficult to identify with others... to be empathetic and imagine how another may feel or could be impacted. The arts help us develop these capacities further... to make a more beautiful aesthetic world and also a more just and justice.

Thank you Kolean for your thought provoking idea.

Keep CVA Teaching Artist in the Schools

by Carol Zen | Apr 07, 2013

Kolean's proposal is great. The CVA Teaching Artist Program has been bringing art-infused opportunities to schools for about 10 years now. The program is amazing - not just for the students in the Saint Paul Schools but for all the Teaching Artists who have been involved. Check out the Teaching Artist Website and see what has been done. IMAGINE what more could be done!

For anything that would

by Chandria Efrain | Feb 02, 2014

For anything that would really be great for those things that could really make a difference. - Adam LaFavre