Provide support and guidance early, and reap the benefits

by Danielle Treiber | Apr 06, 2013

Minnesota breeds smart people. It’s no coincidence why Fortune 500 companies such as Target, Best Buy, 3M, Medtronic & General Mills are located in our Midwestern mecca; it’s because we are smart. It’s inevitable that while we are trying to educate the next generation of confident accountants, analysts, doctors, researchers, and innovators… we will run across a few hurdles; Hurdles such as lack of motivation & recognition, no interest or support, or “I’ve got better things to do than study… like hang out with my friends”. While we may be proud of our intellect, there are going to be kids that get left behind. It’s almost more dangerous in a city like St. Paul, because there is so much good that we can almost ignore our ailments. The problem here, is that an ailment can quickly grow into a disease. St. Paul has the opportunity to hit this issue head on. St. Paul has the opportunity to delve deeper into education and catch our underachievers (or at least a percentage of them before its too late).
A society’s greatest asset is its people. St. Paul has great people. How do you invest in people? Through education. Many cities are so far behind in this arena that it becomes overwhelming, and hard to confront. St. Paul is in a unique position to identify our school’s underachievers and take a personal , hands-on approach to prevent this mentality from taking over our city. Great minds, great students, together. Great mentoring idea Dr. Thron. I am assuming you plan to be one?

growing the very best in the Mid-west...

by Raymond (Ray) Thron | Feb 10, 2014

Thank you Ms. Treiber for your informed comments.

You mentioned -
"Great mentoring idea Dr. Thron. I am assuming you plan to be one?"
Indeed, that is my plan.

I know that you are working on literacy issues in the great Baltimore area. Perhaps, at some point, you can share your ideas.

Once again. Thank you. Ray T.

This is going to be a very

by apolinario sasam | Feb 10, 2014

This is going to be a very fruitful discussion! Great to be here. - Paul Kadri