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e-Labs: Giving Entrepreneurs a Laboratory

Rob Fuglie
by Rob Fuglie | Feb 21, 2013

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by Lois Josefson | Apr 03, 2013

This is a worthy concept. The JJ Hill venue suggestion fits with the historical mission to support business development and growth. (What if one also incorporated it as a venue for displaying H.S. product development endeavors during the H.S. Sport tournaments at the Xcel??) There is a St. Paul business that comes immediately to mind which takes the concept/idea shared up a notch on a contracted basis. Look forward to sharing this idea with some former 3Mers. The strength of the MN Inventors Congress - Invention and Idea Show (April 19 & 20) and the Inventor's Network, as well as the Century College Fab Lab and the Innovation Symposium on June 5th at UST (Mpls Campus) plus the increasing public discourse about "Makers" and "Tinkerers" all give credence to the timeliness and validity of the concept.

In the business you really

by llhjl hlhj | Feb 10, 2014

In the business you really have to deal with every situation available if required. - Adam LaFavre