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Saint Paul, Startup City

Brian Brinkworth
by Brian Brinkworth | Apr 03, 2013

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by Brian Brinkworth | Apr 04, 2013

Eight hundred words is a very small window through which to fit the full breadth and depth of an idea that could realistically change the world.

I fear most of the best of what I had to say spilled over, as I would need at least twice the space to be able to relate the full scope of this. There have been over 70 submissions this year calling for something along these lines - it's what St. Paul knows it needs - and I already have nearly two decades of thought applied to how to do it.

PLEASE VOTE FOR ME to buy me a little more airtime in which to describe this whole concept in detail. Over time, our shared 3D model of St. Paul would enable an entirely new, informed and empowered model of governance.

Thanks much, Brian.

Similar targets

by Joe Walz | Apr 15, 2013

I saw your posting about Startup city, I have a similar idea called Dreamland, a cooperative lead online and physical space to match people to collaborate and make startups and other innovative projects take flight if the passion and thought is there. The question is how does one get that, you either tap into a pre-existing passion, or fuel passion in a way through peoples intrinsic motivators. Anyway wanted to drop a note, as I appreciate your idea.


We could actually be doing

by Digs Polines | Feb 17, 2014

We could actually be doing something that we may find to be anything that we could think of as really helpful . - Feed the Children