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Library Wellness Challenge

by Amy Schroeder Ireland | Apr 09, 2010

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Great idea! I love the

by Randi Johnson | Apr 09, 2010

Great idea! I love the concept of a challenge. A little competition is a great way to get people working hard!


by Melissa Embser-Herbert | Apr 10, 2010

What a great idea - bringing together health/wellness for people and for the library! Rock on!

Love the library!

by Megan Powers | Apr 13, 2010

Hi Amy! Nice to see you on the Idea Open. It's been a while! I think it's great to involve the libraries as a resource in this way. Good idea!

Check out my hubby's entry ("The Yum Mobile" by Drew Mons on 4/8) and let us know what you think. Take care!

Library Wellness Challenge

by Andrea Dana | Apr 20, 2010

Getting healthy is all about educating people, so partnering with the library on this goal is a smart idea. The library has the education materials and the space to give people the "classroom," and it's right in neighborhoods where people can get to it easily. Great plan!

Making connections

by Mike Reynolds | Apr 20, 2010

I agree--this is an excellent way to utilize the library's role in the neighborhood at the intersections of education and community action, as a primary location for connecting with ideas and with one another.

These folks speak my mind

by Dhaivyd Hilgendorf | Apr 20, 2010

Andrea and Mike speak my mind. I think this project could be very successful in the Hamline-Midway neighborhood. You are what you eat...and what you read, too! It has potential for collaboration with the LIST annual health fair for the Hamline-Midway community as well as the Hamline Midway Block Nurse program.

The wonderful thing about the

by Carrie Pomeroy | Apr 20, 2010

The wonderful thing about the library as a community fitness node is that it is already serving all the people you'd want involved in this--low-income people, elders, children and families, immigrants, and everybody else you can possibly name. This would make it easy to start serving the community and implementing the idea immediately.

Library Wellness Challenge

by Sara Bogie | Apr 20, 2010

I think that the library is already used as a community center and that all segments of the population feel comfortable visiting and using the library. So it makes a perfect fit for a challenge that is so broad reaching and that the library would also make it so inclusive.

I agree with many of the

by Sarah Carter | Apr 20, 2010

I agree with many of the comments so far. The Hamline Midway Community Library is already very good at reaching out to the neighborhood so would be the perfect host for this program.

Connect up!

by Jun-Li Wang | Apr 20, 2010

This is wonderful! I hope you can also connect to groups that have overlapping interests - like Midway Movement Arts Project - they're hosting free yoga at Newell Park on Saturdays, and maybe they would be able to provide some of the health activities. Maybe Mighty Midway Storytellers could do health-focused story times. I'd make healthy snacks for you too...

Keep it Local

by Brian Hoffman | Apr 21, 2010

One of the advantages of having the wellness challenge at the library is that it keeps it local. Many people will be able to walk to the meetings - so the neighborhood gets to start improving wellness on their way to the library.

Love this idea!

by Stephanie Xenos | Apr 21, 2010

What an excellent way to use the library to address a problem in the community. I'd definitely participate.

Hamline Library

by Bill Teeple | Apr 21, 2010

This is a fantastic idea, since it expands the traditional role of the library. Obviously, too much time spent in sedentary reading can contribute to poor physical conditioning. This encourages people to take responsibility for their own health issues and provides encouragement and community to keep them motivated.

This challenge was a little

by hayworth structure | Mar 16, 2014

This challenge was a little hard but still we choose it because we like to measure our skills. - James D. Sterling