Rain Rain please stay

by Ann Wiesner | Jul 15, 2011


It brings issues to people's doors and connects neighbors in quick, easy, and fun ways.

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Rain Rain please stay

Describe how you would use $15,000 to help your community become aware of and address water issues in Minnesota.

I would make water conservation and water protection easier in my neighborhood by providing incentives and ideas right at people's doors. This would include:

1. Cash incentives for installing rain barrels to use for watering lawns and gardens, upgrading to low flow toilets, or upgrading to low water use washing machines.
2. Social gathering at the neighborhood run-off ponds, of which there are several, with watermelon seed spitting contests and information on water quality specific to our area. i'd also include mini-workshops on topics like installing rain gardens, alternatives to chemical lawn maintenance, tips for re-using water through return intake on washing machines, and other water-related topics.
3. Door-to-door water chats-I'd recruit people knowledgeable about water to train volunteers who I'd recruit to door-knock our neighborhood and do "water chats" with residents, giving them basic information about water in our neighborhood and inviting them to participate in the social events.

How do you define your "community"?. How are water issues affecting your community?

My neighborhood is a pretty well-defined area in Minnetonka. we have several run-off ponds in the neighborhood. Lots of people in the neighborhood boat or hunt and have a stake in ensuring that water quality remains high.


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Describe how your idea is creative.

It brings issues to people's doors and connects neighbors in quick, easy, and fun ways.


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Describe how how you expect your idea to make a difference in your community.

More people in the neighborhood would be knowledgeable about simple things they can do to protect water quality; people would have a chance to know each other better through the social events.

Sustainability and Growth

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Describe how your idea will "stick" in your community and how you think it could be repeated in other communities.

It's a pretty simple and flexible model that could be done in any neighborhood with just a little tweaking. It would "stick" because the incentives and education would continue to pay dividends in terms of people changing their behavior in order to protect water quality.

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