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Multicultural Barn Raisings

Jim Rettew
by Jim Rettew | Feb 28, 2012

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Good luck!

by Katina Petersen | May 15, 2012

This is a great idea- best of luck to you!

Good luck Jim, Claire

by Claire Tregone | May 20, 2012

Good luck Jim,


by Kim Schmidt | May 22, 2012

You are quite an inspiration, Jim. Hope you win!!
Kim (& Jim) =) Schmidt
PS Tell your beautiful wife hello from us!

I like the idea of a “barn

by adam gott | Mar 21, 2014

I like the idea of a “barn raising” since it is rooted in the fabric of what makes out communities work. Adam Gottbetter attorney

It can be so easy to raise

by kenzomendoza2014 kenzomendoza2014 | Apr 07, 2014

It can be so easy to raise funds in this area. - James Cullem