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Sadaqa Flashmob

by Taqee Khaled | Mar 20, 2012

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Sadaqa Flashmob

by George Colburn | Apr 17, 2012


This is a fabulous idea. Spontaneous acts of kindness - planned in advance by the givers but a total surprise to the recievers. I like it a lot. Regardless of the outcome of the Minnesota Idea Open - let's do this as a family over the holidays. Let's talk.

Flash mob

by Keith Richard | Apr 17, 2012

What charitable activity is your ideal flash mob?

Fantastic idea!

by Deborah Gelbach | Apr 17, 2012

Could this be ANY MORE powerful? I've seen Flashmobs in action --for all kinds of reasons and the ideas they communicate linger on the mind for months.

Don't think" mob" in the usual sense of the word...think WOW instead in the best sense. If you're unconvinced, see the Carlson School of Management's Flash Mob "Deck the Halls" on youtube (www.youtube.com/watch?v=uH8FvERQHtM).

If I had a vote, I'd say "yes, yes, yes."

Sadaqa Flashmob

by Shafi Khaled | Apr 21, 2012

What I like about this idea are a few things.
1. It is practical, neat/simple, easy to implement
2. It has the potential for spontaneous need-based utilization whenever and wherever
3. Multiple, unrelated, uncoordinated "Sadqa Flashmobs" may go on simultaneously in different parts of the State or a City
4. Harnessing the service target - time, energy, money or all - can be for any magnitude big or small
5. Easy to communicate and advertise

Good luck, Taqee.

Excellent idea, Taqee!

by Carole Schmidt | Apr 22, 2012

Excellent idea, Taqee! Classic giving with a modern twist. Could be big. Good luck! Carole