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Bilingual Learning Circles in Cedar-Riverside Neighborhood

by Derek Johnson | Mar 20, 2012

This is discussion about Bilingual Learning Circles in Cedar-Riverside Neighborhood.

Jane Addams School

by Mike Klein | Apr 02, 2012

I am thrilled to read this proposal for the Cedar-Riverside community! The Jane Addams School is a dynamic space for community-building and civic work on the West Side of St. Paul. My college students have been attending annually in January and are profoundly influenced by the opportunity to engage with other members of our community in learning circles.

The rich cultures represented in the Cedar-Riverside area would benefit from A Jane Addams School in their midst. As an open space to learn democracy by practicing community, I look forward to the day when learning circles grow there, and hope I have the opportunity to join in.

Cedar-Riverside Jane Addams School

by Jim Lewis | Apr 02, 2012

Great idea and one that I know works!

Great idea, love the cultural

by Apolonia Fay | Apr 02, 2012

Great idea, love the cultural exchange @ the circles.

Cedar-Riverside Jane Addams School

by Nan Kari | Apr 02, 2012

Jane Addams would be pleased.

Community Engagement

by Sukanya Momsen | Apr 02, 2012

This is a great opportunity to engage the University of Minnesota students, Augsburg students, and the rest of the Cedar-Riverside population. As I live near this area, I believe that putting this plan into action will enhance the feeling of community-togetherness, while also opening up Cedar-Riverside and overall improving the neighborhood.

I love this idea

by sam parker | Apr 02, 2012

The Jane Addams School is a great model for other programs. The current schol in St. Paul brings people of different cultures/faiths/backgrounds together to learn educational skills, and also to discuss key issues of family, religion, and life in general. I love Jane Addams, and I think we should all help it expand to Minneapolis!

Great Work!

by Kong Mong Her | Apr 19, 2012

Great idea and great work on this!!!


by Natalie Jones | Apr 19, 2012

I am currently a learning circle participant in St. Paul, and this is a great way to engage members of the community so that they can work together to accomplish their goals, whether individually or as a collective whole. It's great having a place to go to where you feel comfortable and like your opinion matters!!! I love Jane Addams!!!
Having a Jane Addams so close to the University would help many more students engage and help members of their community!

Youre a good mentor and your

by hayworth structure | Apr 07, 2014

Youre a good mentor and your students are all grateful because you are their teacher and they are your friends too. - James D. Sterling