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Intercultural Media Academy

Jeremy Iggers
by Jeremy Iggers | Mar 10, 2012
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Strategic, Impactful, and Just!

by Janna Caywood | Apr 23, 2012

I really hope this idea wins. Capacity development of community embedded storytellers and ambassadors really is key, and frankly just strategically smart. Seems far more sustainable and impactful than an educational event with vague goals or a program that depends heavily on volunteer participation.

I love that this idea proposes to use a majority of the funds ($10K) to actually pay the very people whose cultural traditions, historical narratives, and felt experiences we want to share and spread. Too often we expect community residents to spend their time and talents working on community issues w/o compensation, while staff of the organization leading the effort are paid. Don't get me wrong, org staff contribute valuable skills and specialized knowledge, but so do community members. So in this regard, I think this is a much more just model.

Good luck, I hope this idea wins!