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The Saint Paul Center for Creative Arts

by Jack Ray | Mar 21, 2013

This is discussion about The Saint Paul Center for Creative Arts .

Crafts center

by Kate McEvoy | Apr 03, 2013

I love your idea. It could be a great place to implement my idea for a Capitol City Contemporary Youth Renaissance Festival. If your could prepare young artists for participating in my event both projects would benefit from funding!

Congratulations and good luck!

by Herbert Chiou | Aug 13, 2013

Congratulations on being selected as a finalist! Any makerspace is an important addition to a community/city to increase skills, thinking and creativity.

Could anyone other than a City Staffer get a fair shot?

by Mark Smith | Aug 13, 2013

Why where 2 or 3 finalists on City Development Staff? This completion was biased by the Public Sector Officials and Judges beholden to the public sector! What a joke!
Why was this idea chosen? It had only one positive comment before the voting. The Forever St. Paul Challenge was not a fair and open competition. The three finalists had the fewest number of positive comments together they only had 3. There were numerous other ideas that had 50 or more. And those ideas would have created new jobs, new businesses, and new educational opportunities. This idea will only cost us tax payers millions more in subsidies to keep it going! This idea is not sustainable!

Penland on the River

by Ken Chin-Purcell | Aug 13, 2013

I think it's a great idea to use Penland as a model for youth (and hopefully some adult) education. Learning crafts like ship building or pottery takes lots of practice, which is difficult to get in other settings. As Warren MacKenzie said, recycle your first 500 pots. Skill is important and is under taught.

Another possible model is the Grennan Mill Craft School in Ireland, which is a two year course of study. I know for pottery the first year is spent throwing standard forms.

Let me know if this gets off the ground - I'm open to helping out.

Ken Chin-Purcell, Bungalow Pottery (in St. Paul)

Thank You!

by Minnesota Idea Open | Aug 14, 2013

It's great to see these comments from community members. After all, it's the community who got us to this exciting point in the Challenge by entering ideas, serving on the volunteer review panel to narrow entries down to 30 semifinalists, and by serving as judges to pick three great finalist ideas. Now all Minnesotans can decide how to invest $1million in Saint Paul. Thanks for staying involved!

Arts and Crafts Center for youth

by Val Vinnik | Aug 15, 2013

Excellent idea, we need to spend time, money and volunteer to teach kids to understand and enjoy the beauty of music, theater and visual arts. We are loosing entire generation to a damming influence of mindless rap and ignorance.

Next Generation "Education" Paradigm

by Janna Caywood | Aug 19, 2013

This idea captures my imagination in so many ways. I have known many youth who are incredibly creative and have a kind of wisdom and insight about the world that escapes so many of the mainstream adults I know. Such youth don't fit neatly into our current educational system, which seems to be (as it is currently designed) a rather limited springboard for making a life for oneself and contributing to the common good. A Center like this could provide the conditions needed to uncover and integrate the creativity, passion, unique perspective (and idealism?? if it's not yet been squashed) our youth possess with practical skills, craft discipline, and leadership and collaboration capacity. Plus the cross-pollination of ideas and approaches provides the necessary seeds for innovation to flourish. I also think our city would benefit tremendously from a youth-led conversation on "what is education for?"

bicycle production facility

by David Dahl | Aug 26, 2013

When you are ready for a bicycle production facility please consider "Cycles for Change."

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Manchester Bidwell Corp.

by roger allmendinger | Aug 29, 2013

I, too, like this idea. It reminds me of Bill Strickland's highly successful work with the Manchester Bidwell model in Pittsburgh. Our youth and adults need more creative approaches to learning and teaching that can result in fulfilling lives and a thriving community.

Other Partners

by Austin Samuel | Sep 03, 2013

We at Stand Up MN love this idea and would love to be a part of the process. We have been investigating the viability of a barge, which can be retro-fitted with a modern deck look which could be used for office and recreational space room for an accessible canoe/kayak/paddleboard launch and boat storage!

Give us a call to discuss more!



by Melisa Bush | Nov 16, 2013

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Congratulations are in order.

by Elina Kamis | Jan 20, 2014

Congratulations are in order. Being a finalist sure is a big deal and not everybody can achieve this. I wish you best of luck
Elina @ BD Swiss Eu

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I think the Saint Paul centre

by Justin Stanly | Jan 30, 2014

I think the Saint Paul centre for creative arts will be a great idea. It will help to promote the creative ideas within the people who are interested in it. I think the location for it should be a perfect place that has an easy access to everyone.

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Associated with the Center

by adam gott | Mar 21, 2014

Associated with the Center would be a Youth Social/Civic Entrepreneurship Incubator that would offer youth who are discovering excellence within themselves an opportunity to apply their newly discovered capabilities to social needs.
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